Income Assistance Program

The on reserve program is a federal funded program and is a program of last resort.

Social Development Brochure


  • Applicant is required to provide to the worker a Record of Employment (ROE)
  • Indication that he/she has applied for employment insurance (E.I)
  • Bank statement – for up to 3 months
  • Revenue Canada – Tax year Assessment
  • Client needs to identify there last source of income.
  • Referral from other band or Ministry of Social Services
  • Provincial Training Allowance – statement of last instalment of payment
  • Identification – for applicant and also if applicable for each family member in the family unit
  • Case Plan
  • Declaration of Assets


Please ensure that your utility bills are handed in on a monthly basis.  It is the Clients responsibility that all bills be handed in for payment.

2016-2017 Taxes

Please note the Social Development Administrator is also a Community Income Tax Volunteer, Taxes can be done for free.  Please make note that all information such as t’4’s should be on hand when doing your taxes.  System is used EFile – Revenue Tax program.

Previous Donations

from the Social Development Department was last year’s community Rounddance as well as all the appliances at the school and at the hall were all donations from businesses within North Battleford.


Definition of a Level of Care client these are clients with a disability that are kept in a family home (unlicensed private home). Social Development is paying the caregiver for the care provided to the level of care client.  As the Caregiver the caregivers responsibilities is to provide an in-home care service which includes housekeeping services, meal preparations, personal care of a non-medical nature and have a system of record keeping. (Section 7.6.1)

Please note that the medicals need to be renewed each year in case of any change that may occur in the client.  With new Level of Care Clients a Medical Specialist medical should also be provided along with the family physician.  Also, if there is a cost of the medical to be paid.  Social Development can pay for the cost with invoice provided (via fax or dropped off in person).

Also 18 yr old applicant - the 18 yr old applicant will only be assisted if the primary parent and/or guardian is eligible for income assistance.  This also means that the 18 yr old applicant must be attending school and that the attendance be provided to the Social Development Administrator on the 20th of each month.  When the 18 yr old applicant does not attend school they will be discontinued receiving income assistance.

Special circumstances for 18 yr old applicant would be – if they are single parents or is a student with a disability. (Section 2.1.3)


Clients are to fill out application of request for the Special Needs.  Special Needs is not limited to furniture it can be also for travel assistance for court – documentation provided or funeral (for immediate family as per the family member clause in manual).  Also assistance to go and see a family member which whom is ill in hospital.  Any form or type of assistance receipts must be provided to the Social Development Administrator.

childrenBabysitting costs are also covered if the primary parent has court or fine option based on information provided.

New born layettes 

trainingClothing required for training or employment. Client must provide documentation such as a job confirmation.  This is when the Social Development Administrator works with the LFD Coordinator.  The teamwork is to provide the client with PPE also known as Job Start.

Furniture requests, Client must be on income assistance for a total of 12 consecutive months.(1 year).  Unless under certain circumstances of natural disaster and this is when the FSO will determine if it is approved expense.

furnitureKey note: Documentation and information provided by the client and the social development administrator is to be accountable.  As the reports given monthly to the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada are reviewed and would like to see documentation.  Documentation is required due to file compliance.


In January 2016 Mosquito Social Development was due for file compliance to be conducted by the Budget Department of INAC.  This is where the compliance team reviews each of the chosen file for review.  The review team seeks the information provided in file to determine eligibility for income assistance.  At the time a total of 151 files were reviewed and most of the files needed information as per the essential items list.  With the 151 files which bought the total of non –reimbursable amount of  approx. $406,000.00 and with hard work and determination a total of $29,000.00 was not found therefore INAC formula of 25%  of amount not found  which was $7250.00 (approx.).  The $7,250 (approx.) is to be recovered within the funding year.

Non Reimbursable definition – when receipts are not provided or when the documents upon application are not filled out properly or have not provided any other information as required time of application.

When a Budget & Decision (B&D) is needed – a B&D needs to be signed and dated by both client and Social Development Administrator this is also only required to be done when there has been a change in the clients need or will be a change in clients need – examples are – new addition to family or has been assisted with special needs.  Or moved from one unit to another.  Reason is that if they are required to sign a B&D.

Application is needed to be renewed once a year or time of first time applicant or reapplying for income assistance.

With the information provided this will determine the need.