Post Secondary

The purpose of the POST SECONDARY PROGRAM is to enable First Nations Students to pursue a higher education. However, the funding is CAPPED, so not everyone who applies is eligible to be funded. Acceptance of support funding requires a major commitment on the part of the student to work hard to complete the program successfully.

The Mosquito Grizzly Bear’s Head Lean Man First Nation Chief and Council assert that Post-Secondary Education is a Treaty Right and that membership be allowed access to this right in a fair and culturally sensitive manner.

The Post-Secondary Student Support Program (Hereinafter referred to as the (P.S.S.S.P.) supports eligible Band Members in pursuing Post-Secondary studies in recognized and authorized Post-Secondary Institutions.

Student Eligibility

Each applicant must be a member of the Mosquito Grizzly Bear’s Head Lean Man First Nation and must have Grade 12 Diploma to apply.

Program Eligibility

The applicant must be enrolled in a program of at least eight (8) months or longer in duration that leads to a recognized certificate, diploma or degree and which has a minimum Grade 12, ABE 12, and Adult 12 as an entrance requirement. In order to be designated as a full-time student, for purposes of funding, the student must be enrolled in a full-time program as determined by an Institute's policies.  A student who is entering their final year and who requires only one or two classes available only during Spring/Summer Session to complete their program may be allowed to attend the Spring/Summer Session with full funding upon application. Student must reapply for further funding at a higher or advanced level and will not be considered as a continuing student.

Student Fee

Application fees are an eligible expense-Official Transcript fees are an eligible expenses

Part-Time Studies

As defined by the post-secondary institution being attended, may receive assistance for tuition and compulsory fees, and the actual cost of books and supplies which are listed as required by the post-secondary institution but they are not eligible for living allowances or travel costs.

Correspondence of Distance Education Courses (online)

Students enrolled in part-time correspondence or other distance education courses will only be eligible for tuition fees and book assistance.

Applicants whose application is approved, rejected or placed on the waiting list will be informed in writing for the support approved or for the reasons for rejecting, as well as the reasons for the applicant being placed on the waiting list. Applicants will be informed within one week after the deadline date.

The Post-Secondary Education Program is mandated by Chief and Council to assume full and final authority and responsibility for the delivery of Post-Secondary Education for Mosquito Post-Secondary students. The policies set out in this manual are those recommended and approved by Chief and Council.

For Further information don’t hesitate to contact Post Secondary & SITAG Coordinator Jacqueline Pahsaknunk                                                                             C 306-480-2756 or email

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