Hazel Moosomin - Health Director

Email: hazel.moosomin@mosquitofn.ca


Currently, our people can access the mandatory and voluntary health programs and services, provided to on-reserve Status Indians by the First Nation and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) of Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), at our Mosquito Health Clinic or in town, at Battle River Treaty 6 Health Services (BRT6).  These services are made available to on-reserve MGBHLM members and other Status Indians living in our community by the health delivery arm of Battlefords Agency Tribal Council, who currently manages the following services in our community: 

»      Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (awareness and education programming)

»      Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (breastfeeding and prenatal support)

»      Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve (childhood health and education support)

»      Healthy Child Development 

»      National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (awareness and understanding of substance abuse, providing healthy alternatives)

»      Brighter Futures (community-based programs promoting Elder participation)

»      Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (promoting healthy eating and active living with youth and Elders)

»      Home and Community Care

»      Non-insured Health Benefits Program (develop and maintain a sustainable transportation system for aging membership)

»      Solvent Abuse Program

»      Mental Health Crisis Management

»      Suicide Prevention (education, information, and healthy alternatives)

»      Communicable Disease Control

»      HIV/AIDS Strategy

»      Children’s Oral Health Initiative (promotion of oral care practices)

»      Community Health Promotion (injury/illness prevention focusing on environment and equipment)

»      Health Consultation and Liaison

»      Operations and Management

»      Drinking Water Safety Plan (improving operations and maintenance of drinking water system)




MHBHM Health & Wellness Team List
Name Position  Ex Phone Cell
Hazel Moosomin Health Director 306-937-8023   306-480-7864
Rose Marie Moosomin Medical Transportation Coordinator 306-937-5550   306-441-3839
Peter Moosomin Janitor      
Terrie Haughian Home Care RN 306-937-8024   306-441-2170
Dakota Beaudry Home Care LPN 306-937-8021   306-480-2498
Hope Community Health Nurse 306-937-8027   306-480-6475
Lorraine Stone Addictions Counsellor 306-937-8028   306-480-4477
  Family Health Worker 306-937-8022    
Anita Moosomin Pandemic     306-441-9402
Bradley Wahobin F/T Medical Taxi Driver     306-441-3481
Rosanah Moosomin Jordans Principle Service Coordinator 306-937-8020   306-441-5160
Shasta Kovach  Secual Assualt Counselor     306-441-0800
Grace Dental Therapist     306-480-8198
Kristen Battlefords Health Centre Reduction/ Family harm Addictions   306-937-6700 306-480-6440