Health Services

Kari Wuttunee - Health Director


Home and Community Care

Home and Community Care is a coordinated crew of health services delivered directly to individuals in the comfort of their homes. Designed to support people of varying ages facing disabilities, chronic conditions, acute illnesses, or advancing age, these services are tailored to provide the care required to recovery for surgery and management wounds. The dedicated Home Care team is composed of a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, and home health aide.

A home care nurse (RN) provides services to MBHBLM membership in the comfort of their own homes. Home care nurses perform a range of responsibilities, including administrating medications, vital signs, managing wound care, assisting with mobility and rehabilitation exercises, and providing education to patients and their families about managing their health conditions.

A licensed practical nurse (LPN) provides nursing care under the direction of medical practitioners like a registered nurse.  LPNs perform nursing interventions such as taking vital signs, wound dressing changes, ensuring infection control, monitoring nutritional intake and monitoring patient progress and recovery both pre-surgery and post surgery. 

A home health aide (HHA) provides essential assistance and helps with tasks such as bathing, dressing, grooming, mobility assistance, and medication reminders. They also help with light housekeeping, meal preparation, and monitoring vital signs as needed. Additionally, they offer companionship and emotional support, fostering a caring and compassionate relationship with their clients.

Community Nursing and Family Wellness 

The community health programs play a vital role in safeguarding and enhancing the well-being of the community. These dedicated healthcare professionals focus on preventative measures and health promotion, working beyond traditional healthcare settings to address the broader social determinants of health. The community health team consists of a registered nurse and a family wellness worker.

 A community health nurse (RN) engages with communities to identify health needs, pre-natal and postnatal education, routine childhood and adult immunization programs, disease outbreak management and follow up, STBBI, health prevention and promotion, school health education, healthy living programs and harm reduction.

Family Wellness Worker works as liaison with families to identify and inform prenatal and postnatal caregivers of health services and programs available.  They can assist with transporting clients to and from baby well clinics, helping to develop healthy eating habits and offering education on immunizations schedules and comfort care during appointments. In partnership this role supports the Children’ Oral Health Initiative therapist and provides dental health information and fluoride varnish applications.


Mental Health and Wellness

The mental wellness team provides members with a community-base program and services that aim to reduce risk factors, promote protective factors, and improve health outcomes associated with the mental wellness and substance use. This team is focused on developing resources and decision support tools and providing consultative support in the areas of mental health, substance use and harm reduction. The team is committed to working with partners to support communities to overcome challenges in these areas by incorporating culturally safe, destigmatizing, and respectful practices.

 In the area of mental health, the team provides practice support and client consultation, clinical tools and resources, education and capacity building focused on mental health knowledge.  Our team will screen, assess, and refer individuals who may be at risk for substance abuse.  They will collect information required to refer individuals to the appropriate course of treatment including outpatient, day or evening treatment or long term treatment facility.  Support to attend detox and access mental health crisis treatment.


Medical Transportation

 Do you need support to travel to an upcoming medical appointment?

You may be eligible for medical benefits (transportation, meals, and accommodations) through Indigenous Services Canada, Non-Insured Health Benefits Program (NIHB). Please call our Medical Transportation Coordinator at 306-441-3839.

As the client requesting support you must provide the medical transportation coordinator with appointment information as soon as you are made aware of the appointment or at least 3 business days prior to departure date. Information to provide to coordinator: Written notification from physician’s office outlining the time, date, and location of appointment; or The name of your physician, phone number, and date of appointment. Follow up with your Community Transportation Coordinator at least 24 hours prior to travel date to ensure all vouchers are completed. Collect vouchers from Coordinator and review vouchers to ensure everything is correct and lines up with appointment dates. Call hotel to ensure vouchers are received on their end and a that room is booked for you.

 Water Quality Monitoring

Community-based water monitors support local capacity to monitor water quality and to increase awareness and ownership of water systems. Water monitors play a key role as those responsible for sampling, testing, recording and communicating the microbiological quality of treated water in communities. Water monitors are also responsible for developing and implementing a drinking water quality awareness program.

As part of the Water Quality Monitoring Program team, our Water Technicians and Environmental Health Officers do the following:

  • conduct drinking water system inspections and test drinking water for bacteriological, chemical, physical and radiological parameters to meet Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines 
  • interpret drinking water quality results
  • provide guidance and recommendations to communities about drinking water safety issues, such as Boil Water advisories, including Do Not Consume and Do Not Use advisories
  • provide training for community-based water monitors to collect and send water samples for testing and, where available, analyze samples using in-community testing equipment 
  • review plans for new or upgraded community water systems
  • provide information and support on safe drinking water practices and risk prevention to Chief and Council and community members
  • investigate waterborne illnesses



MGBHLM Health & Wellness Team
Name Position 
Rose Moosomin Health & Wellness Manager 
Pauline Spyglass Receptionist-Medical Transportation Coordinator
Amelia (Janet) Young Custodian
Michelle Poitras Home Care Nurse (RN)
Dakota Beaudry Home Care Nurse (LPN)
Hope Sykora Community Health Nurse
Lorraine Stone Mental Health & Addictions
Hazel Moosomin Family Wellness Worker
Bradley Wahobin Full-time Medical Transportation Driver
Shayla Moosomin Jordans Principle Service Coordinator Assitant
Michael Bajona Jordan's Principle Service Coordinator
Tamara Lalibertie Home Heath-Aid
 Jolene Starblanket Mental Health Coordinator
Shasta Kovach  Sexual Assualt Counselor
Grace  Dental Therapist
Laverne Lalabertie

NIHB Mental Health Therapist

Nathan Arias

NIHB Mental Health Therapist

Kristen Battlefords Health Centre Reduction/ Family harm Addictions