This Community Development Plan (CDP) is an approach to community planning that integrates several key priority areas for growth and development in the community. The use of the Community Planning Wheel provides a framework for the various community themes. Not only does a CDP provide staff and the community direction on how key issues in the community should be addressed leading towards self-sufficiency, it also provides a community-endorsed plan that can be used to leverage funding and partnerships from external agencies.

The Community Development Plan was realized as a result of Mosquito Grizzly Bear’s Head Lean Man First Nation (MGBHLM) members asking for positive and effective change to take place and their desire to improve the future for our children.  The Community Development Plan was funded and supported by ISC over the course of three years with a target of establishing and implementing a plan that members fully support.

I am proud to be the MGBHLM Community Navigator.  The experience of leading the Community Development Plan was humbling as I realize the importance of planning for the future for the benefit of children.  It has been an honour to work for my people and our community.  I will always respect what was given to me during this project.  Through conversations with members, I learned so much and shared more than ever. I am confident that members’ good hopes and wishes for the future of our community have been captured in the Community Development Plan. 

I would like to acknowledge and thank the following for their support, encouragement, and contributions to the Community Development Plan:

»      MGBHLM Elders

»      MGBHLM Members

»      Chief, Council, and Staff

Urban Systems Ltd. community planning support led by Toni Lerat and Carolyn Dunn.



Glenda Bird

Community Navigator