Social Assistance Employment & Training

For a client to apply they would have to be on Income Assistance and also be residing in the community. This program is to ensure that the children(s) receive the best possible benefits and to reduce poverty in the communities.

  • Cultural Enrichment - Is to reduce cultural and language retention. (So it isn’t lost).
  • Child Care - To provide support while the parents participate in a training program/school.
  • Administration - To monitor all project programs and to also reduce overlap and duplication.
  • Home to work transition - Provide project programs on community so each individual can reduce the barriers to find long term employment and be a better off as a result of working.

Social Assistance Employment & Training Labour Force Development Coordinator

Events and notices

June 14

  • Level 2 Program – Class readiness for the grade 10 level entry
  • On June 14 the Level 2 Program students completed their classes and were presented with certificates
  • North West Regional College provided Lunch for the students as well as providing awards such as “Best Attendance”, “Most Improved” and a $120.00 incentive award
  • In September the students will begin the Level 3 program

In Process

  • 6 & 6 - Six hours in Class, Six hours in vehicle
    this is a program offered to interested individuals who wish to obtain their Class 5 Drivers, this is in its fourth year and thus far we have 38 individuals that have their Class 5 in the community.
  • Heavy Equipment Operator – This will be posted as soon as the Proposal is approved.
  • Concrete Forming- This will be posted as soon as the Proposal is approved.